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Tips to Remember When Pulled Over

When you are facing a DUI conviction, it’s imperative that you speak with a skilled Illinois DUI Attorney. A lawyer will be able to offer you legal advice, simplify the process, and will be able to provide you with the support and knowledge you will need to ensure that your rights are protected.

A Naperville criminal defense lawyer will protect your rights after the incident… but who is protecting your rights when you’re first pulled over?

No one wants to drive around with a lawyer in the back seat, just in case they need legal advice on the fly. That’s why Naperville DUI Lawyer Earl A. Vergara compiled a short list of helpful tips that will make the exchange as smooth as possible. Because when you’ve been pulled over and it’s just you and an officer — it’s up to you to make sure your rights are protected.

1)Pull over somewhere you feel comfortable

While it’s important to pull over as quickly and as safely as possible, make sure you are pulling over somewhere you feel comfortable. Finding a clear, well-lit area (if possible) is a good idea, so that both you and the officer understand that neither will try any funny-business.

2) Communicate your actions

Keeping your hands visible at all times, and letting the officer know when you are reaching for something will make the officer feel respected and less on edge.

3) Do not answer any questions

While you should explain your movements to the officer, you should never answer any questions that may be held against you in court. Legally, you do not have to disclose any discriminating information — and the officer knows that. No matter how much they may badger you, only share necessary information.

They don’t need to know where you’re going, where you’re coming from, or how much you have had to drink.

4) Don’t take any sobriety test

Just as you don’t have to answer any questions, you also don’t have to take sobriety tests if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. These tests will be used as evidence. Do not agree to a breathalyzer unless you can guarantee you haven’t had any alcohol all day.

5) Be polite

The worst mistake a person can make when being pulled over is being rude to the officer. No matter the circumstances: be polite. The officer may be looking for reasons to arrest you — don’t make it easier for them.

If you have followed the first five tips, you have handled the situation appropriately thus far. Now, for the final tip:

Call a Illinois DUI Defense Lawyer

As soon as possible, contact a DUI defense attorney. This step is extremely important, as a guilty conviction could affect the rest of your life. Jason Kunowski is an extremely compassionate but aggressive Naperville DUI Attorney who has been practicing for many years. Jason’s meticulous investigations, and providing free confidential consultations to all of his clients.

If you or a loved one are facing DUI convictions, call Jason M. Kunowski, Attorney & Counselor at Law, today: 630.256.8010