Naperville DUI Attorney

Take it from a Naperville DUI attorney– being accused of committing a crime is a serious matter, not something that should ever be taken lightly. Whether you’re accused of drunk driving, driving on a suspended or revoked license, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, possession of cannabis or a controlled substance, assault, battery, violating an order of protection, or committing any other crime, your rights, freedom, and driving privileges can be severely affected. For example, if convicted of a misdemeanor or felony charge, you can go to jail, be ordered to perform hundreds of hours of community service, be ordered to undergo many hours of alcohol or substance abuse counseling, and be ordered to pay thousands of dollars in fines and court costs.

Your Case- Your Life

In some circumstances, your vehicle may be seized by the government and sold at an auction or otherwise disposed of if the vehicle was used to commit a crime. More importantly, a criminal conviction on your record can forever affect your future. For example, a criminal conviction can affect your ability to go to school, secure a job, get promoted at work, qualify for financial aid, obtain a loan, and the list goes on and on.

In addition to the impact a criminal conviction will have on your future, a pending criminal charge can drastically affect your life right now. It may cause anxiety, guilt, shame, anger, and an overwhelming sense of insecurity about tomorrow that may cause you to lose sleep or your appetite. You may even replay in your mind everything that went wrong on that ‘fateful’ night of your arrest, and how you could have done things differently. But none of that matters now. Thinking about what might have been or could have been won’t help you because you can’t undo what has been done.

Experienced Drunk Driving Representation

What you can do, however, is seek the representation and counsel of a highly trained, specially skilled, local Naperville DUI lawyer who can empower you to face what’s ahead, and help you successfully navigate through the confusing legal process. If you want to avoid or minimize the impact of a criminal charge, you’ll need the help of a local criminal defense attorney. Contact Jason M. Kunowski today for a free in-office consultation! Call now: 630-256-8010.